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Training and computer consulting

Welcome To studio silicon

We are a company specializes in providing It support for SME with minimal IT support. If you need IT support, please let us know. Our rate is HKD250.00 per hour. Unlike major vendors who just support mainstream software, we are a company that values open source software. We have more than ten years of experience with the open source software. In the long run, open source software may save you a lot of money and we are willing to share our expertise with you.


We also offer 3 courses:

The first one is a one day introductory course of poetry.

We will teach you how to use free resources on the internet and computers to develop as a poet.

Essential tools are rhyming dictionary and a word processor.

Always carry a smartphone or tablet to record good ideas and sentences that make sense using a word processor or any notes taking software.

Emphasize originality and innovation.

We want to encourage you to develop a passion for writing.

Keep it simple.

Good ideas are precious, make sure you record them using your favorite software.

Get inspiration from singers and song writers.

The second one is an introductory course on using Windows 10.

The third one is a course on using Open Source software on Windows 10.

All courses are one on one with the price of HKD500.00 per person.

Interested parties please call (852) 5561-6602 or email

We have 23 years of experience supporting Windows.
We also support Android tablets.